Focused-Workout Complex Training

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Physical training for general fitness or high level sports training can be monotonous and time consuming. 

With a Focused-Workout Complex Training you establish your training session within the Training Template. Sets of Exercise and Rest keep you moving, maximize your usage of time, and this results in short bouts of productive exercise. 

Your Body Needs Variability with Exercise for Results

Yes, this not only trains muscles of the extremity and core, The Heart Benefits also.

You Don't Need to Workout for Hours to Maximize the Benefits of Exercise

Excellent for a workout to 'break-up your Work Day'

Excellent for a workout that 'gets you going in the morning'

Great for Sport-Specific Warm-Up(Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball)

Great for Relief of Back and Neck Pain

An excellent way to Introduce Exercise into your Busy Lifestyle

  • Get Focused with Your Physical Training Program

  • Time Efficient

  • Highly Focused

  • Reduce Workout Monotony

Focused-Workout Training Template

Please consult your physician or health care practitioner prior to initiating any fitness program if there are concerns of pain, shortness of breath, and/or discomfort. If you have been told not to perform exercise due to a medical diagnosis or medications please consult your physician.